I was born in 1969 and now live in Valence (south east of France).

While my physics studies, I spent my free time drawing and painting. At this time I admired Italian Renaissance painters (Leonardo da Vinci, Piero della Francesca), who put their scientific researchs into practice in their paintings, with both rationality and mysticism.

I am a self-taught artist, even though I attended arts associations, where I discovered the practice of terracotta and engraving, while perfecting my practice of nude drawing after living model.


I am interested in all forms of visual arts except audiovisual, because I want my artworks to be physical objects that can be carried, touched and appreciate by all of our senses !

I always come back to painting, which is my most natural mode of expression. I chose the oil painting, whose transparency and slowness of drying allows the most sensual renderings.

But I also appreciate the modeling, which make me create real objects in volume.

Conversely, linocut assumes its 2D aspect, with its graphic strength and its contrasts.


Whatever the technique, there are four major aspects to my
artwork : sensuality (eroticism, appetizing colours, natural textures, zen style), humor (derision, pop culture, playfull approach), scientific spirit (geometric compositions and patterns, graphic design, natural sciences), fantasy (onirism, religion, myths, legends, psychology, symbolism, childhood universe).

The works that inspire me are varied and I try to synthesize their influence : Flemish and Dutch paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries, Japanese prints, modernism of the 20th century, etc.


At the moment, I want to make erotic paintings, inspired by my experience on social networks (dating sites, Instagram, ...) where vain Narcissus expose their bodies with lustful or commercial objectives.

Soon I'll make Vanitas still lifes, where fruits and flowers rot to have lived or waited too long.